Visit us at the health fair Expo-50plus at main station Zurich from 3rd to 5th November 2023

16. October 2023

The Spine and Pain Clinic will be exhibiting at the Expo-50 Plus at Zurich railroad station from Friday 03 – Sunday 05.11.2023.

In a “health course” you can get free advice on your back and neck pain, sciatica,
disc hernia problems or on the subject of spinal canal stenosis free of charge!


For example, we can help you with the following questions:

  • Who do I turn to with my complaints?
  • What is involved in clarifying my back pain?
  • Is further clarification by a specialist advisable?
  • Do I need an X-ray or an MRI?
  • Are there alternatives to an operation?
  • Should I undergo physiotherapy?
  • Can pain therapy or infiltrations (pain injections) help me?
  • How does back surgery work?
  • What does spinal fusion surgery (spondylodesis) mean?
  • I have been advised to have an operation. Do I need a second opinion? Who can I turn to for this?
  • I have already had back surgery. Now I have complaints again. What can I do next?

If you have online access to your MRI images, we can discuss them together on site.


*The on-site consultation takes place in a confidential environment, free of charge, without obligation and is subject to medical confidentiality.

We speak German, French and English.

Advance booking is not necessary.