Medical Team

Jilali Rhiati, MD

Specialist FMH in Neurosurgery

Doctor Rhiati, MD studied human medicine in France until he joined the ever-growing team of the Spine & Pain Clinic (WSC) via several notable career stations in partly leading positions. Doctor Rhiati is a trained neurosurgeon with a broad surgical repertoire and a wealth of experience.


Education and career

2004 – 2007
Spine team Bethesda Hospital Basel (practice)
1999 – 2003
Senior Physician and Senior Consultant Spinal Cord and Spine Surgery Schulthess Clinic Zurich
1998 - 1999
State examination at the University of Zurich and federal specialist in neurosurgery
1997 – 1998
Spine Surgery Schulthess Clinic Zurich
1995 – 1996
Senior Resident; Neurosurgery University Hospital, Zurich
Senior Physician Neurosurgery Regional Hospital Sion
Neurosurgery University Hospital Zurich
1991 – 1992
Swiss Paraplegics Centre Nottwil
1984 – 1989
Neurosurgery University Hospital Montpellier
General surgery «Clinique de l’Oasis» Saint Tropez
1974 – 1982
Medical studies University of Montpellier France