The founders of the Spine & Pain Clinic recognised early on that for many patients more is needed than just an assessment in a single consultation. As severe pain often plays a major role, the necessary clarifications must be carried out quickly and an appropriate treatment plan must be drawn up. This only works through close cooperation in a team of suitable specialists, with short lines of communication. Another important factor is the personal care and the time we can take for our patients. Due to the way our practice is organised, patients receive personal care from the specialists responsible for them, whether they are outpatients or inpatients. If an operation becomes necessary, the patient benefits from the optimal composition of our experienced team of an orthopaedic surgeon and a neurosurgeon, who operate together and both perform spinal operations exclusively. In our practice, we treat patients on an outpatient basis. We carry out inpatient treatments at the renowned Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich, where we rely on excellent patient care as well as outstanding cooperation with other specialists. Our treatment goal is to decisively improve the pain level, everyday functions, private and professional resilience and thus the quality of life of our patients. The guiding principle of our clinic is to ensure that any interventions are as small as possible and the chances of success are high through intensive counselling, individual care and precise diagnosis.